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Ramalan Jayabaya

Iseng-iseng googling akibat rasa penasaranku yang memuncak tentang Jayabaya. Masih bingung sih mencermati beberapa kalimat jayabaya.

Jayabaya was born in 1135 in the kingdom of Kediri, East Java. He was famous as a prophet-king. During his reign, he ordered Sedah and Panuluh, Mpu (teachers) and writers as well in the kingdom, to write his stories. He lived only for 24 years but left us 'Jangka Jayabaya,' a book of Jayabaya's propechy.

One of the most famous propechies is about the colonization of Indonesia and the Second World War.

Jayabaya said, "There will be a time, the kingdom will be overtaken by strange people coming from nowhere, with white skin, magic sticks that could kill people from the distance. They will conquer and rule our kingdom for very long time, until a number of short people with yellow skin come from north, drive out the whitemen. This new foreigners also will rule our kingdom, but just as long as a corn's life (3 1/2 years)."

Indonesia had been the colony of Netherlands since 17th century and during the Second World War, in March 1942, Japanese took over the country. Then they went out in August 1945, just as Jayabaya said.

And the other one that became a hot topic in Indonesia a few years ago, is the names of Indonesian leaders.

He said, "The upcoming kings, have name like this word, 'Notonegoro' (rule the state)."
The first President of Indonesia (1945-1966) was Sukarno, NO on the last two letters. The second President of Indonesia (1967- ) is Soeharto, TO on the last two letters. That's why everyone is predicting who will be the third president.

Ramalan Jayabaya

Besuk yen wis ana kreta tanpa jaran.
One day there will be a cart without a horse.

Tanah Jawa kalungan wesi.
The island of Java will be circled by an iron necklace.

Prahu mlaku ing dhuwur awang-awang.
There will be a boat flying in the sky.

Kali ilang kedhunge.
The river will loose its current.

Pasar ilang kumandhang.
There will be markets without crowds.

Iku tanda yen tekane jaman Jayabaya wis cedhak.
These are the signs that the Jayabaya era is coming.

Bumi saya suwe saya mengkeret.
The earth will shrink.

Sekilan bumi dipajeki.
Every inch of land will be taxed.

Jaran doyan mangan sambel.
Horses will devour chili sauce.

Wong wadon nganggo pakaian lanang.
Women will dress in men's clothes.

Iku tandane yen wong bakal nemoni wolak-waliking jaman.
These are the signs that the people and their civilization have been turned upside down.

Akeh janji ora ditetepi.
Many promises unkept.

Akeh wong wani mlanggar sumpahe dhewe.
Many break their oath.

Manungsa pada seneng nyalah.
People will tend to blame on each other.

Ora ngindahake hukum Allah.
They will ignore God's law.

Barang jahat diangkat-angkat.
Evil things will be lifted up.

Barang suci dibenci.
Holy things will be despised.

Akeh manungsa mung ngutamake duwit.
Many people will become fixated on money.

Lali kamanungsan.
Ignoring humanity.

Lali kabecikan.
Forgetting kindness.

Lali sanak lali kadang.
Abandoning their families.

Akeh Bapa lali anak.
Fathers will abandon their children.

Akeh anak wani nglawan ibu.
Children will be disrespectful to their mothers.

Nantang bapa.
And battle against their fathers.

Sedulur pada cidra.
Siblings will collide violently.

Kulawarga pada curiga.
Family members will become suspicious of each other.

Kanca dadi mungsuh.
Friends become enemies.

Akeh manungsa lali asale.
People will forget their roots.

Ukuman Ratu ora adil.
The queen's judgements will be unjust.

Akeh pangkat sing jahat lan ganjil.
There will be many peculiar and evil leaders.

Akeh kelakuan sing ganjil.
Many will behave strangely.

Wong apik-apik pada kepencil.
Good people will be isolated.

Akeh wong nyambut gawe apik-apik pada krasa isin.
Many people will be too embarrassed to do the right things.

Luwih utama ngapusi.
Choosing falsehood instead.

Wegah nyambut gawe.
Many will be lazy to work.

Kepingin urip mewah.
Seduced by luxury.

Ngumbar nafsu angkara murka, nggedhekake duraka.
They will take the easy path of crime and deceit.

Wong bener thenger-thenger.
The honest will be confused.

Wong salah bungah.
The dishonest will be joyful.

Wong apik ditampik-tampik.
The good will be rejected.

Wong jahat munggah pangkat.
The evil ones will rise to the top.

Wong agung kesinggung.
Noble people will be wounded by unjust criticism.

Wong ala kepuja.
Evil doers will be worshipped.

Wong wadon ilang kawirangane.
Women will become shameless.

Wong lanang ilang kaprawirane.
Men will loose their courage.

Akeh wong lanang ora duwe bojo.
Men will choose not to get married.

Akeh wong wadon ora setya marang bojone.
Women will be unfaithful to their husbands.

Akeh ibu pada ngedol anake.
Mothers will sell their babies.

Akeh wong wadon ngedol awake.
Women will engage in prostitution.

Akeh wong ijol bebojo.
Couples will trade partners.

Wong wadon nunggang jaran.
Women will ride horses.

Wong lanang linggih plangki.
Men will be carried in a stretcher.

Randa seuang loro.
A divorcee will be valued at 17 cents.

Prawan seaga lima.
A virgin will be valued at 10 cents.

Duda pincang laku sembilan uang.
A crippled men will be valued at 75 cents.

Akeh wong ngedol ngelmu.
Many will earn their living by trading their knowledge.

Akeh wong ngaku-aku.
Many will claims other's merits as their own.

Njabane putih njerone dadu.
It is only a cover for the dice.

Ngakune suci, nanging sucine palsu.
They will proclaim their righteousness despite their sinful ways.

Akeh bujuk akeh lojo.
Many will use sly and dirty tricks.

Akeh udan salah mangsa.
Rains will fall in the wrong season.

Akeh prawan tuwa.
Many women will remain virgins into their old age.

Akeh randa nglairake anak.
Many divorcees will give birth.

Akeh jabang bayi lahir nggoleki bapakne.
Newborns will search for their fathers.

Agama akeh sing nantang.
Religions will be attacked.

Perikamanungsan saya ilang.
Humanitarianism will no longer have importance.

Omah suci dibenci.
Holy temples will be hated.

Omah ala saya dipuja.
They will be more fond of praising evil places.

Wong wadon lacur ing ngendi-endi.
Prostitution will be everywhere.

Akeh laknat.
There will be many worthy of damnation.

Akeh pengkhianat.
There will be many betrayals.

Anak mangan bapak.
Children will be against father.

Sedulur mangan sedulur.
Siblings will be against siblings.

Kanca dadi mungsuh.
Friends will become enemies.

Guru disatru.
Students will show hostility toward teachers.

Tangga pada curiga.
Neighbours will become suspicious of each other.

Kana-kene saya angkara murka.
And ruthlessness will be everywhere.

Sing weruh kebubuhan.
The eyewitness has to take the responsibility.

Sing ora weruh ketutuh.
The ones who have nothing to do with the case will be prosecuted.

Besuk yen ana peperangan.
One day when there will armagedon.

Teka saka wetan, kulon, kidul lan lor.
In the east, in the west, in the south, and in the north.

Akeh wong becik saya sengsara.
Good people will suffer more.

Wong jahat saya seneng.
Bad people will be happier.

Wektu iku akeh dandang diunekake kuntul.
When this happens, a rice cooker will be said to be an egret.

Wong salah dianggep bener.
The wrong person will be assumed to be honest.

Pengkhianat nikmat.
Betrayers will live in the utmost of material comfort.

Durjono saya sempurna.
The deceitful will decline even further.

Wong jahat munggah pangkat.
The evil persons will rise to the top.

Wong lugu kebelenggu.
The modest will be trapped.

Wong mulyo dikunjoro.
The noble will be imprisoned.

Sing curang garang.
The fraudulent will be ferocious.

Sing jujur kojur.
The honest will unlucky.

Pedagang akeh sing keplarang.
Many merchants will fly in a mess.

Wong main akeh sing ndadi.
Gamblers will become more addicted to gambling.

Akeh barang haram.
Illegal things will be everywhere.

Akeh anak haram.
Many babies will be born outside of legal marriage.

Wong wadon nglamar wong lanang.
Women will propose marriage.

Wong lanang ngasorake drajate dhewe.
Men will lower their own status.

Akeh barang-barang mlebu luang.
The merchandise will be left unsold.

Akeh wong kaliren lan wuda.
Many people will suffer from starvation and inability to afford

Wong tuku nglenik sing dodol.
Buyers will become more sophisticated.

Sing dodol akal okol.
Sellers will have to use their brains and muscle to do business.

Wong golek pangan kaya gabah diinteri.
In the way they earn a living, people will be as rice paddies being
swung around and blown up.

Sing kebat kliwat.
Some will go wild out of control.

Sing telah sambat.
Those who are not ambitious will complaint of being left behind.

Sing gede kesasar.
The ones on the top will get lost.

Sing cilik kepleset.
The ordinary people will slip.

Sing anggak ketunggak.
The arrogant ones will be impaled.

Sing wedi mati.
The fearful ones will not survive.

Sing nekat mbrekat.
The risk takers will be successful.

Sing jerih ketindhih.
The ones who are afraid of taking the risks will be crushed under foot.

Sing ngawur makmur,
The careless ones will be wealthy.

Sing ngati-ati ngrintih.
The careful ones will whine about their suffering.

Sing ngedan keduman.
The crazy ones will get their portion.

Sing waras nggagas.
The ones who are mentally and physically healthy will think wisely.

Wong tani ditaleni.
The farmers will be controlled.

Wong dora ura-ura.
Those who are corrupt will spend their fortune lavishly.

Ratu ora netepi janji, musna kekuasaane.
The queen who does not keep her promises will lose her power.

Bupati dadi rakyat.
The leaders will become ordinary persons.

Wong cilik dadi priyayi.
The ordinary people will become leaders.

Sing mendele dadi gede,
The dishonest persons will rise to the top.

Sing jujur kojur.
The honest ones will be unlucky.

Akeh omah ing nduwur jaran.
There will be many people own a house on horseback.

Wong mangan wong.
People will attack other people.

Anak lali bapak.
Children will ignore their fathers.

Wong tuwa lali tuwane.
Parents will not want to take their responsibility as parents.

Pedagang adol barang saya laris.
Merchants will sell out of their merchandise.

Bandane saya ludes.
Yet, they will lose money.

Akeh wong mati kaliren ing sisihe pangan.
Many people will die from starvation in prosperous times.

Akeh wong nyekel banda nanging uripe sengsara.
Many people will have lots of money yet, be unhappy in their lives.

Sing edan bisa dandan.
The crazy one will be beautifully attired.

Sing bengkong bisa nggalang gedong.
The insane will be able to build a lavish estate.

Wong waras lan adil uripe nggrantes lan kepencil.
The ones who are fair and sane will suffer in their lives and will be isolated.

Ana peperangan ing njero.
There will be internal wars.

Timbul amarga para pangkat akeh sing pada salah paham.
As a result of misunderstandings between those at the top.

Durjana saya ngambra-ambra.
The numbers of evil doers will increase sharply.

Penjahat saya tambah.
There will be more criminals.

Wong apik saya sengsara.
The good people will live in misery.

Akeh wong mati jalaran saka peperangan.
There will be many people die in a war.

Kebingungan lan kobongan.
Others will be disoriented, and their property burnt.

Wong bener saya tenger-tenger.
The honest will be confused.

Wong salah saya bungah-bungah.
The dishonest will be joyful.

Akeh banda musna ora karuan lungane.
There will be disappearance of great riches.

Akeh pangkat lan drajat pada minggat ora karuan sababe.
There will be disappearance of great titles, and jobs.

Akeh barang-barang haram, akeh bocah haram.
There will be many illegal goods.

Bejane sing lali, bejane sing eling.
There will be many babies born without fathers.

Nanging sauntung-untunge sing lali.
Those people who forget God's Will may be happy on earth.

Isih untung sing waspada.
But those who are remember God's will are destined to be happier still.

Angkara murka saya ndadi.
Ruthlessness will become worse.

Kana-kene saya bingung.
Everywhere the situation will be chaotic.

Pedagang akeh alangane.
Doing business will be more difficult.

Akeh buruh nantang juragan.
Workers will challenge their employers.

Juragan dadi umpan.
The employers will become bait for their employees.

Sing suwarane seru oleh pengaruh.
Those who speak out will be more influential.

Wong pinter diingar-ingar.
The wise ones will be ridiculed.

Wong ala diuja.
The evil ones will be worshipped.

Wong ngerti mangan ati.
The knowledgeable ones will show no compassion.

Banda dadi memala.
The pursuit of material comfort will incite crime.

Pangkat dadi pemikat.
Job titles will become enticing.

Sing sawenang-wenang rumangsa menang.
Those who act arbitrarily will feel as if they are the winners.

Sing ngalah rumangsa kabeh salah.
Those who act wisely will feel as if everything is wrong.

Ana Bupati saka wong sing asor imane.
There will be leaders who are weak in their faith.

Patihe kepala judi.
Their vice regent will be selected from among the ranks of the gamblers.

Wong sing atine suci dibenci.
Those who have a holy heart will be rejected.

Wong sing jahat lan pinter jilat saya derajat.
Those who are evil, and know how to flatter their boss,will be promoted.

Pemerasan saya ndadra.
Human exploitation will be worse.

Maling lungguh wetenge mblenduk.
The corpulent thieves will be able to sit back and relax.

Pitik angkrem saduwurane pikulan.
The hen will hacth eggs in a carrying pole.

Maling wani nantang sing duwe omah.
Thieves will not be afraid to challenge the target.

Begal pada ndugal.
Robbers will dissent into greater evil.

Rampok pada keplok-keplok.
Looters will be given applause.

Wong momong mitenah sing diemong.
People will slander their caregivers.

Wong jaga nyolong sing dijaga.
Guards will steel the very things they are to protect.

Wong njamin njaluk dijamin.
Guarantors will ask for collateral.

Akeh wong mendem donga.
Many will ask for blessings.

Kana-kene rebutan unggul.
Everybody will compete for personal victory.

Angkara murka ngombro-ombro.
Ruthlessness will be everywhere.

Agama ditantang.
Religions will be questioned.

Akeh wong angkara murka.
Many people will be greedy for power, wealth and position.

Nggedeake duraka.
Rebelliousness will increase.

Ukum agama dilanggar.
Religious law will be broken.

Perikamanungsan di-iles-iles.
Human rights will be violated.

Kasusilan ditinggal.
Ethics will left behind.

Akeh wong edan, jahat lan kelangan akal budi.
Many will be insane, cruel and immoral.

Wong cilik akeh sing kepencil.
Ordinary people will be segregated.

Amarga dadi korbane si jahat sing jajil.
They will become the victims of evil and cruel persons.

Banjur ana Ratu duwe pengaruh lan duwe prajurit.
Then there will come a queen who is influential.

Lan duwe prajurit
She will have her own armies.

Negarane ambane sapra-walon.
Her country will measured one-eighth the circumference ofthe world.

Tukang mangan suap saya ndadra.
The number of people who commit bribery will increase.

Wong jahat ditampa.
The evil ones will be accepted.

Wong suci dibenci.
The innocent ones will be rejected.

Timah dianggep perak.
Tin will be thought to be silver.

Emas diarani tembaga.
Gold will be thought to be copper.

Dandang dikandakake kuntul.
A rice cooker will be thought to be an egret.

Wong dosa sentosa.
The sinful ones will be safe and live in tranquility.

Wong cilik disalahake.
The poor will be blamed.

Wong nganggur kesungkur.
The unemployed will be rooted up.

Wong sregep krungkep.
The diligent ones will be forced down.

Wong nyengit kesengit.
The people will seek revenge against the fiercely violent ones.

Buruh mangluh.
Workers will suffer from overwork.

Wong sugih krasa wedi.
The rich will feel unsafe.

Wong wedi dadi priyayi.
People who belong to the upper class will feel insecure.

Senenge wong jahat.
Happiness will belong to evil persons.

Susahe wong cilik.
Trouble will belong to the poor.

Akeh wong dakwa dinakwa.
Many will sue each other.

Tindake menungsa saya kuciwa.
Human behaviour will fall short of moral enlightenment.

Ratu karo Ratu pada rembugan negara endi sing dipilih lan disenengi.
Leaders will discuss and choose which countries are their favourites and which ones are not.

Wong Jawa kari separo,
The Javanese will remain half.

Landa-Cina kari sejodo.
The Dutch and the Chinese each will remain a pair.

Akeh wong ijir, akeh wong cethil.
Many become stingy.

Sing eman ora keduman.
The stingy ones will not get their portion.

Sing keduman ora eman.
The ones who receive their portion will be generous.

Akeh wong mbambung.
Street beggars will be everywhere.

Akeh wong limbung.
Bewildered persons will be everywhere.

Selot-selote mbesuk wolak-waliking jaman teka.
These are the signs that the people and their civilization have been turned upside down.


Rivai said...


Berarti penguasa Indo selanjutnya berakhiran "Ne" ya... siapa ya?

Kayanya jarang ya nama Indonesia yang berakhiran Ne...

atau jangan-jangan....

(haha, namanya juga ramalan, ga bisa diperaya....)

KK Dira - Menoq said...

translatenya ke bahasa jawa, makin gk ngerti deh =(.Versi bahasa indo nya dong mbak

HNs said...

Wah... makasih Bintang Alzeyra, Saya jadi ingat wejangan dari Leluhur Saya.
Maturnuwun tenan.
Ramalannya emang cuma sampe itu ya? seingat Saya da tambahannya beberapa kalimat.
Untuk Mas Rivai, nuwun sewu. Ramalan emang tidak bisa dipercaya. Tapi yang dari Eyang Jayabaya ni bukan ramalan. Ngapunten ne Mas.

Arya A. Sadhana said...

Hmmm... Ijin untuk urun rembuk ya.

Masalahnya adalah penggunaan dan penempatan kata. Jika "Ramalan" dipilih untuk mewakili "Perkataan seseorang mengenai masa depan", maka ramalan dari orang-orang tertentu wajib dipercaya. Saya pernah berkata pada Bintang, bahwa tidak selamanya ramalan adalah isapan jempol. Jangan lupa, seluruh agama samawi memercayai bahwa Tuhan Yang Mahaesa menurunkan utusan-utusanNya di Bumi dan mereka adalah para Rasul, Nabi, serta para Waliyullah (di Indonesia lebih dikenal dengan istilah"Wali"). Mereka ini berkata-kata selayaknya kita (manusia biasa) berkata-kata. Namun yang mesti diingat, bahwa perkataan mereka bukanlah pendapat mereka pribadi - melainkan sesuatu yang diwahyukan Tuhan Yang Mahaesa kepada mereka. Sementara para Rasul, Nabi, dan Waliyullah sendiri hanya berkewajiban untuk menyampaikan wahyu-wahyu tersebut kepada manusia-manusia biasa (seperti kita). Mau percaya atau tidak, itu dikembalikan kepada setiap individu manusianya sendiri. Di dalam versi Islam, Allah SWT berfirman kepada Rasulullah Muhammad SAWW, "Sesungguhnya tugasmu hanyalah menyampaikan. Jika mereka ingin beriman, maka biarkanlah mereka beriman. Tetapi jika mereka berpaling, maka biarkanlah mereka berpaling."

Pada zamannya, semua Rasul, Nabi, dan Waliyullah senantiasa mendapatkan penentangan dari mayoritas masyarakatnya. Sebagaimana diterangkan di dalam semua kitab samawi (Taurat, Zabuur, Injil, dan al-Qur'an). Namun kemudian, seluruh "ramalan" mereka menjadi nyata. Jika sudah demikian, golongan manusia yang menentang mereka dan menolak untuk memercayainya, menjadi golongan yang merugi selama-lamanya.

Memang, setidak-tidaknya menurut ajaran Islam, Allah SWT tidak akan mengutus Rasul dan Nabi lagi setelah Rasulullah Muhammad SAWW. Namun demikian kita mesti ingat, bahwa para Waliyullah akan selalu ada sampai Hari Kiamat. Dan perkataan-perkataan mereka, juga merupakan hasil dari pewahyuan (dalam kadar dan derajat yang berbeda dengan para Rasul atau pun Nabi).

Di lain sisi, banyak sekali ramalan-ramalan yang sifatnya asal - seperti yang sempat menjadi trend belakangan ini, terutama di kalangan selebriti lokal. Ramalan-ramalan seperti ini dalam Bahasa Inggris, biasanya disebut dengan istilah "fortune telling", sedangkan ramalan-ramalan para Rasul, Nabi dan Waliyullah disebut "prophecies". Jelas berbeda. Sayangnya Bahasa Indonesia tidak menyediakan kosakata pembeda seperti ini (atau mungkin ada, tapi saya tidak mengetahuinya).

Di luar itu semua, menurut saya, kita agak terlalu cepat menilai seandainya langsung dapat menyimpulkan bahwa ramalan Jayabaya tidak dapat dipercaya. Saya pribadi (setelah mencermati riwayat hidup Jayabaya serta titik-titik terpenting di dalam sejarah hidup beliau) sangat tidak berani untuk mengatakan bahwa ramalan Jayabaya tidak bisa dipercaya. Bagi saya, setelah mencermati sejarahnya, Jayabaya adalah murid dari seorang Waliyullah.

Sebagaimana diriwayatkan dalam sebuah kitab, bahwa Jayabaya hanya menyampaikan ulang apa yang telah disampaikan oleh gurunya.

Mohon maaf jika ada kesalahan di sini dan di situ, monggo dikoreksi seandainya perlu.